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By the age of eighteen, CeCe Younger was the youngest woman to be admitted to the U.S. Equestrian Team

How Do I Know If I Need an Equine Consultant?

What is a certified Equine Appraiser?

They are individuals in the horse appraisal profession recognized by the American Society of Equine Appraisers (ASEA), the nation’s only appraisal association exclusively for horse appraisers. The ASEA’s mission is to produce qualified and ethical appraisers who are recognized authorities in the horse appraisal field. The ASEA is diligent in its efforts to uphold the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP). These standards are endorsed and used by professional real estate and personal property appraisers nationwide.

How Do I Know if An Equine Consultant Is Right for Me?

There are many reasons why you might consider hiring a professional equine consultant. Often times, you need somebody with extensive experience, looking out for your best interests in a complex industry.

Do You Only Work With Established Trainers?

We work with established trainers and associations. However, it’s often the individuals and people new to the sport that can benefit most from our help.

Do You Offer Ongoing Consulting Services?

Yes, we’re available to help navigate the equestrian world, on an ongoing basis.

Do You Offer A Free Initial Consultation?

Yes. We are happy to discuss your situation to determine if we can be of assistance. Call or contact us using the form below.

About CeCe Younger

Equestrian consultant

CeCe Younger is a Senior Lifetime Honorary Member of the American Society of Equine Appraisers, a subsidiary of the American Society of Agricultural Appraisers. Miss Younger offers Consulting and Expert Witness Services. She has testified in courts more than two dozen times throughout the United States and over twenty years. She has worked with attorneys, clients, and other experts in her field since 1995. Her Father, Milt Younger, a prominent trial attorney educated Miss Younger to withstand the rigors of Depositions and Court Testimony.

Organizations & People I’ve Worked With

“CeCe helped me with a horse purchase after we discovered the client had not disclosed crucial information!”